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The Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

While there are many fun virtual team building ideas, we believe in the power of a great facilitator leading your team events, especially if you are new to working remotely. Below, we have listed the best virtual team building activities for remote teams. All of these virtual team events are organized by professionals who are highly skilled at leading virtual meetings, boosting engagement, and keeping energy high on video calls.

1. 100% Virtual Team Building Activities Powered By is a top name in the virtual team building industry. The company offers a variety of choices for remote team building activities, ranging from classic events like improv to fun virtual activities like the Online Office Games, which includes a virtual scavenger hunt, Human Bingo, pixel art challenges, and more.

virtual team building games

With, you get fun virtual activities for remote teams led by professionals who are skilled at remote employee engagement.

Check out virtual team building with

2. tiny campfire 🔥

tiny campfire 🔥 is a fan favorite when it comes to virtual team building activities. This gem of an online event is designed to brighten your team members’ days, weeks and months. About a week before the virtual event, your coworkers will receive a box in the mail filled with all the necessities for a killer virtual campfire: a tealight candle, wood matches, and s’more ingredients.

tiny campfire

On campfire day, your coworkers will login to the virtual campfire via a secure video conference line. An awesome camp counselor facilitator will lead your people in fun virtual team building games, connection activities, mini challenges, and spooky historic ghost stories. tiny campfire 🔥 is like taking a virtual trip back to summer camp, no bug spray required! Your employees will feel appreciated, loved, and happy by the time the s’mores are gone and the fire burns out.

Check out tiny campfire.

3. Online Storytelling Workshop by Museum Hack

Telling effective stories is challenging. Museum Hack has nailed the art of telling engaging stories and the company’s online storytelling workshop is a great option for remote team building activities with a side of professional development.

online storytelling workshop

During your remote seminar, your team will learn the elements of an engaging story, practice telling stories via this new technique, and receive live feedback on the spot. Museum Hack mixes fun virtual team building activities and online games into the workshop, making it a great combo of engaging activities and learning an important new skill. Museum Hack has led renegade museum tours and storytelling workshops for top companies like Elizabeth Arden, Google, Facebook, Deloitte, Lego, Etsy, and more.

Learn more about Museum Hack’s online storytelling workshops.

4. Tea vs Coffee

Tea vs Coffee is one the best virtual team building activities for remote teams. Your coworkers will receive a package in the mail a week before the event; that box includes four unusual samples of tea and coffee from eco-friendly farms and fair-trade chocolate.

tea vs coffee

Then, your group will enjoy a virtual tasting experience where you will learn the art of meditation from an expert instructor, play games and virtual challenges, and hear incredible stories about tea, coffee, and the various flavor profiles and compounds. Tea vs Coffee is a great way to send your employees a gift and encourage team communication, team bonding, and good workplace vibes.

Learn more about Tea vs Coffee.

5. petri: Scalable Virtual Team Building Activities for Large Groups

petri is unlike any other virtual team building activities we will list here. petri is a recurring monthly program that allows your employees to sign up for virtual events, remote activities, and online classes that best fit each person’s individual schedule and interests. Your coworkers will be able to form new bonds with team members over shared interests and chosen activities. The virtual team building activities include book clubs, joke writing 101, rap battles, yoga, meditation, trivia, online games, and language classes. petri is a great way to show appreciation to your team members; your employees will love being able to develop new skills and pursue interests, all while making stronger connections.

Here is the website for petri.

6. Strong Teams

When you work from home, it is difficult to get enough fresh air and exercise. Strong Teams can help with at least the exercise part.

Strong Teams runs group fitness classes for remote teams. You can do stretching, Pilates, yoga and more, all from the comfort of your living room or home office. The company offers classes for up to 30 people, and runs the classes via a video conference line. Working out together is a powerful motivator to get strong, healthy, and productive.

Free Virtual Team Building Activities

If you would rather dip your toes into the virtual team building pool slowly, then try some of these ideas for free virtual team building activities. You can host these virtual team activities either as standalone events or as part of a regularly scheduled virtual meeting.

7. Culture Committee

Culture Committee is an initiative to improve remote work place engagement. First, find out if anyone on your team wants to run a Culture Committee. We think company culture is important for in-person businesses, and it shouldn’t fall by the wayside for remote teams, either. A Culture Committee’s job is to identify and celebrate milestones that happen in the company and for your coworkers. Examples: The Culture Committee can lead fun challenges like posture battles and water-drinking competitions, can keep track of when your employees have birthdays and send remote birthday cards, celebrate work anniversaries, and more. The Culture Committee will help build a more positive workplace and doubles as strong virtual team building for remote teams.

8. Virtual Book Club 📚

Hosting a virtual book club is another way to build a strong remote workplace culture. Find out who on your team would be interested in participating in the book club, then take nominations for what book to read. Alternate between books for professional growth and development and fun fiction nominations. Once per month, meet to discuss your reading, pinpoint takeaways for the business, and have a great time interacting with each other.

Here is a guide on how to host a virtual book club.

9. Name That Office

Looking for fun, easy, and free virtual team building activities that double as online team building games? If so, then Name That Office could be a great choice for your group. The premise is simple: have everyone on your team email a picture of their home office or regular workstation to one person on the team. Then, that person will post each picture in a dedicated Slack channel, or on whatever communication platform your team uses to stay connected. Users then react to each picture with the emoji of the team member that matches the office in the picture. Whoever guesses the most home offices correctly wins a prize! This virtual team event is super easy, free, DIY, and doesn’t disrupt your normal workday.

10. Chair Yoga

Here is the beauty of Chair Yoga: you don’t have to know anything about yoga to enjoy it. You can do Chair Yoga from a fully seated position, making it an awesome choice for free virtual team building activities for remote workers. Gather your team members in a virtual meeting room, then lead everyone in a round of Chair Yoga. There are many YouTube videos online showing various poses and exercises. This exercise is a great way to loosen the body, get in a little physical activity, and relax the body and mind during the workday. Plus, you will have fun connecting with your remote team members!

Here is a YouTube video on how to do chair yoga.

11. Virtual Team Building Bingo

Bingo is one of the great online team building games because it’s familiar, fun, and easy to put together. All you need to do is start with a blank online Bingo card and fill in the squares with a variety of clues. Some of our favorite remote work Bingo categories include “Work From Home Bingo” and “Virtual Meeting Bingo.” Ideas for spaces include clues like “meeting interrupted by dogs barking”, “coworker gone robot on a video call”, “accidentally screen shared something non-work related”, “sending GIFs over Slack”, “using emojis on Slack”, and more! The possibilities are endless and the team bonding benefits are high.

Here is a free online team building bingo template.

12. Virtual Garden Challenge 🌿

Virtual Garden Challenge is a fun way to brighten up your remote employees’ desk and day. For this activity:

  1. Send each person on your team a small seedling kit, complete with tiny pot and all the essentials.
  2. Then, gather your group and have your team plant together over video chat.
  3. Set up a dedicated Slack channel for weekly check-ins to see how each person’s plant-farm is thriving.

The Virtual Garden Challenge is fun because it keeps your team bonded even when away from virtual calls.

13. Healthy Life Challenges

Inspired by the virtual team activities above, try hosting healthy challenges for your team! Kick this exercise off with a water-drinking challenge and use the Plant Nanny app to keep your group on track. Plant Nanny is a cute app that sends water drinking reminders throughout the day. Each time you drink water, you will record it by feeding your adorable plant a glass of water. Drink too much water and you are at risk of drowning your plant; drink too little water and your plant starts to wither and die. See who on your team can build the healthiest plant garden by the end of the challenge!

Virtual Team Building Games

Games are fun, so it makes sense that virtual team building games are fun too! While you are not able to whip out Monopoly in your virtual conference room, there are still plenty of fun online team building games you can play with your coworkers, even if you are thousands of miles apart.

14. Online Office Games

Online Office Games is a fun online team building activity from All your employees need to participate is a reliable internet connection and video-enabled device. Your group will enjoy fun online team building games like pixel art challenges, hydration challenges, trivia, a virtual scavenger hunt, and more. The virtual gold, silver, and bronze are up for grabs with this team event, and you can have real prizes sent to your winning team too. Give your coworkers an energizing and fun break from the virtual workplace with Online Office Games.

15. Virtual Team Building Icebreakers for Remote Teams

Virtual icebreaker questions are a fun way to start meetings with a little team building fun. The key to keeping this activity fun and engaging is picking the right icebreakers to talk about with your remote employees.

Here are some examples of great virtual ice breaker questions:

  • When was the last time you shut off your computer?
  • How much screen time have you recorded this week?
  • How long have you worked remotely?
  • What do you like about working from home?

You can make your own list too!

16. 2 Truths & A Lie

2 Truths & A Lie is a fun remote team building game you can do on any virtual call. The game is based on deception, and learning unique characteristics about your work from home colleagues.

Here is how it works:

  1. Each person prepares three statements about themselves. Two of these statements are supposed to be true, and one is supposed to be a lie.
  2. Each employee takes turns revealing the three statements.
  3. Then, the other team members guess which statement is the lie.

As far as online team building games go, 2 Truths & A Lie is fun, easy, DIY, and free. You will have a great time getting to know more about your coworkers, boosting morale, and escaping work for an hour or so.

Here is a guide on how to play 2 Truths & a Lie.

17. Pixel Art Challenge

The Pixel Art Challenge offers a chance to enjoy fun free virtual team building activities
Click on the image above for a free Pixel Art spreadsheet.

Pixel Art Spreadsheets are a creative activity you can do with remote teams. The activity involve setting up your Google Sheets to automatically replace numbers with a color when certain numbers are typed into the cell. The exercise is like collaborative paint-by-numbers and it makes a great online team building game for your remote workers. Simply log on to your Zoom Room or video conference platform of choice, then divvy your group up into smaller teams. Each team is tasked with recreating the assigned image with pixels. For a fun and engaging twist, have each team come up with a fun backstory about the personality in the image. You can pick any image and set up the backend yourself; it’s not too difficult.

Here is a free template you can use for Pixel Art Spreadsheets: Pixel Art Template

18. The Work From Home Scavenger Hunt

Your team is working from home, so why not take this opportunity to organize a fun virtual scavenger hunt for your remote team? To make the exercise competitive but also include elements of team bonding, we recommend divvying your group into smaller teams.

Here is how to do a home scavenger hunt:

  1. Give each team a list of items to find from around the home; be sure to include some options that are fun and will help your coworkers get to know each other better.
  2. Then, set a timer! Your teams will have a set amount of time to decide among themselves who will be responsible for finding which items and actually finding the items.
  3. The first group back with all the correct items wins a prize!

Expert tip: For some of the fun and crazy objects on the list, we suggest having a show-and-tell to explain why certain objects were chosen to fit the category. This framing helps your coworkers open up and learn more about each other.

Best Tools for Virtual Team Building

If you are new to working from home, then you might be looking for the best tools for virtual team building. Below, we’ve included the top choices we love.

19. Slack

Is your remote workplace on Slack yet? We here at Virtual Team Building Activities use Slack to manage our 100% remote staff. One of our best tips for Slack use includes creating specific channels to coordinate specific work. For example, our marketing team uses a channel specifically for marketing nitpicking, where team members can openly share feedback. We also recommend vigilantly using threads with bold titles and carrying out all follow-up conversations in the specific thread. Lastly, we liberally use emojis on Slack. Each team member has their own identifying emoji. We encourage team members to respond to messages with emojis when text replies aren’t required to cut down on interruptions and unnecessary messaging.

Some virtual team building channels in Slack:

  • Random – for anything you want to talk about that doesn’t fit elsewhere.
  • Coffee Chats – for connecting with colleagues for a quick chat and cup of coffee.
  • Pet Pictures – for posting fun pictures of pets.
  • Favorite Recipes – for sharing work from home recipes 🙂

Slack is a great way to keep your people connected and engaged while working from home.

Learn more about Slack.

20. Zoom

Zoom is our favorite tool for video conferencing, above Webex and other platforms. Zoom offers several features that make it our top pick. For example:

  • schedule recurring meetings
  • schedule meetings in advance
  • use breakout rooms to separate larger virtual meetings into smaller groups
  • screen share while still seeing all participants
  • see all group members Brady Bunch style

These features help make larger meetings feel more personal and intimate; which is critical for successful virtual team building.

Check out Zoom.

21. Zapier 🤖

Zapier is powerful tool for boosting remote team productivity with automations. Zapier integrates with a wide variety of different apps and websites and allows you to connect these platforms in ways that would otherwise take days or weeks of writing custom code. Once you integrate the apps, you are able to set up a variety of different automations. This effort can help your business automate work to free up your employees to work on higher-level projects. For example: You can set up Zapier so that each time you receive an email with a specific word, the system alerts you to the email in Slack, and then a GCal event is created with specific details. The possibilities with Zapier are endless.

A fun way to integrate Zapier with virtual team building is to do a training session. Here is how it works:

  1. Lead a quick overview of Zapier and what it does.
  2. Show your team specific examples of Zaps you use in your business.
  3. Challenge your team members to develop their own Zaps.

You can award prizes, but really the prize is creating powerful automations for work. This exercise will give your remote employees a feeling of accomplishment and keep folks engaged.

Learn more about Zapier.

22. Discord

Discord is a similar option to Slack in that it allows teams to come together and organize virtual workplace communication in one central location. Within Discord, you can set up various servers and teams which helps to keep communication organized and streamlined. Discord offers the ability to screen share, stream your screen, go live, and talk to your coworkers throughout the day without organizing a phone call.

Check out Discord.

23. Google Drive

Google Drive is a fairly essential tool for most remote workplaces. Google Drive allows your groups to collaborate on documents at the same time. Working on a group presentation? Google Slides has you covered; multiple people can edit the same slideshow at the same time. The same goes for spreadsheets and regular documents too. Plus, Google Drive saves your work to the cloud in realtime, eliminating those “I forgot to hit save!” moments that can erase a day’s worth of work. We also love how easy it is with Google Drive to share access to documents via community folders.

Working together is an effecive way to do virtual team building 🙂

Working From Home Tips

Learning how to stay productive while working from home can be one of the biggest challenges of transitioning to remote work life. It can also be difficult for people who have been working remotely for years to keep productivity up. Those reasons are why we love sharing our top work from home tips. Whether you are new to the work from home life or an old pro, it is fun and re-energizing to read new productivity tips to make sure you are making the most of your workday!

24. Do your hardest task first 📝

To-do lists can be daunting and it can be appealing to get a ton of small, easy tasks checked off as fast as possible. This “check-off method” helps you feel good about what you accomplished to start your day. Here is the catch: that difficult item is still on your list and now you are at lunchtime. We love getting the most difficult task done at the beginning of each day. This action will build confidence, ensure you are productive for the day, and means your afternoon might not be quite as daunting anymore. This tip is an easy, motivating way to clean off the rest of your to-do list for the day.

25. No, you don’t have to vacuum right now. And while you’re at it, enforce your boundaries!

When you are working from home, it can be overwhelming to ignore all the household tasks you need to get done. We recommend setting up a dedicated workspace in your home if at all possible; this should be a space where you don’t see the endless chores that need to get done. You don’t see the dirty dishes, you don’t see the dog hair all over the floor, and the bathroom that needs a good scrub is out of sight, out of mind. If you MUST get some housework done during your time working from home, then toss a load of laundry in the wash before you start your day, move it to the dryer at lunch, then put it away once you’ve called it quits for the day.

Related: When you work from home, it is easy for your family to think you are 100% available to them 24/7. While you might have to do unavoidable tasks like pick the kids up from school during the day or let the dogs out for a potty break, it is important to tell your family that you are working set hours and they should not disturb you unless there is a true emergency. Shut your office door, put on headphones, and do whatever it takes to drown out any household background noise.

26. Try the Pomodoro Method

At least once per week, we love to use the Pomodoro Method in our virtual work. The method is even better, and more like virtual team building, if everyone on your remote team follows the same pratice on the same day. The Pomodoro Method requires 25 minutes of no-holds-barred, all-out work, followed by a five-minute break. This practice can boost productivity, limit distractions, and encourage streamlined and focused work. If your remote team does this activity together, then yoy will get the added benefit of your team working in unison, which boosts motivation, engagement, and morale.

Here is a more substantial guide on how to do the Pomodoro method.

27. Stretch!

Don’t forget to get up from your desk and move around once per hour. It’s so important for so many reasons to stay physically active and make sure you’re not sitting for too long of a period at a time. Set a timer for a five-minute stretch break once per hour. Walk around the house, go up and down your stairs if you have a two-story house or take a lap around the block. Try to sneak a glass of water into this break, too! You’ll begin to develop healthier habits, which can have far-reaching benefits. For an added virtual team building benefit, time your five-minute breaks with your coworkers’ schedule so you’re all getting in your exercise together.

28. Take lunch

Perhaps most important on our list of tips for working from home is a lunch break! It is critical that you do not work through lunch, because you need to stay energized and strong. Make sure you find time to clock out, eat a healthy meal, and take a break from your screen. Do something you enjoy on your lunch break, whether that activity is walking your dog, sneaking in a quick episode of The Goldbergs, or a yoga session. This time can help reinvigorate you for a productive afternoon ahead.

29. Drink water + walk! 💦

As with all healthy lifestyles, staying hydrated and exercising remain critically important when working from home. Make sure to make a point to drink water throughout the day and get in some exercise, whether that time is taking a walk around the block during your morning or afternoon break or participating in a little chair yoga.

About Virtual Team Building

Virtual team building is the intentional allocation of resources toward building connection in remote teams. Typically, virtual team building is done via virtual team building activities, online team building games and virtual happy hours.

Whether you are looking for virtual team building activities with professional development mixed in or you’re hoping to find something more fun and relaxed, there are amazing opportunities for 100% remote team building activities. These virtual team activities are just as effective as events where everyone is in the same physical location. Plus, the logistics are easier to coordinate for virtual team events!

Virtual team building activities work well for any company with remote workers. Maybe your company is brand new to remote work; if so, then hosting a team event right off the bat is an awesome way to put your employees at ease and show your workers you still have their backs and appreciate the hard work they do every day.

Or perhaps you are a manager with a team in the same physical location, but you work with teams in other locations and don’t get enough face-to-face interaction. Hosting a virtual activity is a great way to stay connected and improve communication and collaboration, even when you’re separated by hundreds or thousands of miles.

And if your company has operated with remote teams for a while, then it is time to make the investment in virtual team building activities to boost coworker bonds, deepen connections, and bring together an all-around stronger, more powerful team to drive your business forward.

With that framework in mind, we put together this comprehensive list of the best virtual team building activities for remote teams! If you need help planning a fun virtual event for your remote team, then don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to help! ❤️ 💻

Virtual Team Building Activities: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best virtual team building activity?

The overall best virtual team building activity is tiny campfire🔥! We love the good vibes feeling of this team event. It includes happy mail, s’mores, fun competitions, and ghost stories — and your team members won’t have to worry about mosquitos. Does it get better than that?

What is the best remote team building activity with professional development?

The best virtual team building activity is Museum Hack’s online storytelling workshop! This virtual activity includes fun games and team building activities in addition to professional development and a new skill your team can put into place at work ASAP.

Is team building with a remote team worth the investment?

Yes! We 100% believe in the power of team building activities and even think team building is more important for virtual teams. Without seeing each other on a face-to-face basis regularly, it can be harder to foster strong relationships in a remote environment. Committing to regular virtual team building can help keep bonds strong, company culture positive, and engagement high.