Welcome to Virtual Team Building Activities, where our mission is to highlight the best virtual team building activities for remote teams.

Whether you’re a business with teams spread out across multiple physical locations, you’re an entirely virtual workforce that just transitioned to telecommuting, or you’ve been work-from-home from day one, your company and your employees will see a positive impact from the benefits of remote team activities.

Why do we love virtual team building activities for remote teams? Here are our top three favorite benefits:

  • In an online environment, you don’t get to regularly see your coworkers. That can make it harder to get to know each other, to read tone, and to understand each other’s personalities. Regularly coming together to enjoy team bonding time, even if it’s in a virtual environment, can help promote stronger connections, more camaraderie, and better communication.
  • Choosing one of the remote team building activities that includes a happy mail surprise to your employees’ homes will boost morale, confidence, and feelings of appreciation. You’ll boost employee engagement and loyalty with minimal effort.
  • You can participate in virtual team activities that include professional development. Working from home doesn’t have to limit your coworkers’ growth and development. Book an activity like an online storytelling workshop for fun virtual team building activities coupled with a solid skill your coworkers can put into practice immediately. 

TL;DR remote team building activities will make your company a happier, healthier place to work!

If you have any questions during the planning process, then don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to help find the right virtual team building and online team building games for your specific business needs.